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Boost your Marketing & Sales investments by optimizing your Customer Engagement

substantially with Artificial Intelligence.

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How can thalox.engine help me grow my business?

thalox.engine is an integrated software architecture powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models designed to predict customer behaviour, optimizing Customer Engagement and your overall Marketing & Sales campaigns.

Thalox is reinventing email marketing by making predictions more and more accurate to increase business.

It is no mystery that the more spam you send, the less reputation you get, meaning you as a company get less of a reputation, the customer starts to neglect you, and your sales decline. After that, it’s a losing game.

If you send emails to people that open and consume the content, it is very likely that these customers are engaged in what you do and are part of your demand generation, which means you can start to sell to them in the future. Therefore, by building a better reputation you can increase your sales for providing a better experience for the customer.

Your customers no longer need meaningless and non-personal content entering their mailbox. They need a company that can deliver delightful marketing experiences according to who they are on a demographic and digital behavior level.
Learn from every customer interaction – digital or physical, human or robotic – and deliver the next-best action for every customer through the right channel, at the right time.

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How does it work?

Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, thalox.engine dips into the customer’s digital footprint from the past stored in CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms systems, and based on algorithm parameters, it calculates the perfect targeted audience segment to deliver the best-fit for your next send out.

An AI engine plugging into a CRM/MAP software architecture.

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Can be tried out even if data points or data quality is not sufficient.

The platform is 100% independent. Can be installed behind the firewall on customer owned servers (e.g. AWS, Azzure, Google). Also, can pull and consume data from different data sources.

Born in B2B environment with a proven set of algorithms created from and for marketeers.

Use your data knowledge to satisfy your customer at every touchpoint. Run a pilot with Thalox.

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